Lake Oswego Rotary Interact 

Interact Clubs, sponsored by Rotary International, significantly impact young individuals and their communities. The Lakeridge and Lake Oswego Interact clubs provide a space for youth to learn, grow, and contribute actively. 

What is Rotary Interact?

Rotary Interact is a youth program for 12 to 18-year-olds, emphasizing international service, leadership development, and community connection. The Lakeridge and Lake Oswego Interact Clubs partner with the Lake Oswego Rotary Club to bring about positive change.

The Purpose and Activities of Rotary Interact Clubs:

  1. Service Projects: Interact Clubs engage in various service initiatives, from food drives to environmental projects, improving the lives of those in need.
  2. Leadership Development: Members take on roles within the club, gaining valuable leadership skills and a sense of responsibility.
  3. International Understanding: Interact fosters international connections, promoting global awareness and peace.
  4. Networking and Friendship: Members build lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.
  5. Lifelong Values: It instills service, compassion, and civic responsibility values.

How can you get involved? 

Joining a Rotary Interact Club is an excellent way for young people to get involved in community service and leadership activities. If you want to learn more about the Lakeridge or Lake Oswego Interact Club, please get in touch with Lauren O'Neill or Alia Alhumaid.


Club Leaders